Our Members

Rhode Islanders are coming together in opposition of a costly and burdensome beverage tax.

Explore the members of our coalition

Members A – E
1 Stop Deli & Grocery
15 Point Road Restaurant
2 Sista’s
5 Star General Store
525 Nutrition & Fitness
7 Sisters Restaurant
71 Milk Store
A-1 Convenience
A&B Convenience Store
A&S Convenience
Ada’s Creations, Inc.
Adeline’s Speakeasy
Al Aseel Mini Mart
Albertino’s Pizza
Albie’s Place
Alexandra’s Green Cafe
All in One Convenience
Amaral’s Fish & Chips
Americas Food Basket
Amoriggi’s Quality Seafood
Anchor Seafood
Andrea’s Restaurant
Ani’s Pizza & Seafood
Antojitos El Quetzal Taco Loco
Antonio’s Bakery & Charles Deli
Antonio’s Pizza By The Slice (Newport)
Apna Bazar Food Mart
Apsara Asian Restaurant
Aquidneck Meat Market
Asian Bakery & Fast Food
Asian Gourmet
Atlantic Farms Market and Eatery
Atlantic Grille
Atlantic Sports Bar & Restaurant
Atrium On Maine
Atwell Market
Atwells Mini-Mart
Aurora Restaurant
Axelrod’s Fry Shack
Ayame Hibachi
Azucena’s Bar & Restaurant
Baba’s Original NY System
Bachini Bakery
Bagel Express & Deli
Bagel Express & Deli
Bagel Express on Broadway
Baja’s Tex Mex
Bake My Day
Baker’s Bagels & Deli
Bangkok Republic
Banh Mi & Bubble Tea
Basil’s Pizza
Bella’s Italian Gourmet Deli
Bess Eaton
Best Eastern Restaurant
Best Life Nutrition
Best Way
Best Way Food Store
Biagio’s Pizzera & Bar
Big Tony’s Pizza
Black Goose Cafe
Black Princess
Black Sheep
Blackstone Herbs And Coffee Bar
Blackstone Market
Blue Anchor Grill
Blue Plate Diner
Bollywood Grill
Bonetown Burgers & BBQ
Boston House of Pizza
Bottega Bocconi
Boulevard Grille & Lounge
Boyan Market
Brass Monkey
Brewed Awakenings (Cranston)
BrewGrindz Coffee Shop
Bristol Bagel Works
Bristol Sunset Cafe
Broadway Lounge
Broadway Market
Broadway Mart
Brooksies Sports Pub
Brother’s Famous Pizza
Bubbie’s Market & Deli
Bubble Tea Delights
Bubble Tea House
Bukana Sport Bar Inc
Buttonwoods Fish & Chips
Buttonwoods One Stop
Cafe Central
Cafe Colombia
Cafe Modesto
Cafe Ordway
Cafe Tempo Coffee House
Cafe Water Street
Cafe Zara
Caffe-Bon-Ami Inc
California Taco (Woonsocket)
California Taco Shop (Pawtucket)
California Taco Shop (Warwick)
Cantina Del Rio
Cantinho Bar & Grill
Capital Farms Store
Capitol Hill Taqueria
Capri Seafood
Captain Seaweeds
Carolina Family Market
Casa Azul Taqueria
Casa Chapina Restaurant
Casa Mexico
Casa Tequila
Caserta Pizzeria
Caspian Breakfast & Lunch
Catanzaro’s Pizza
CAV Restaurant
Cayala Bakery
Central Ave Bakery
Central Fish Market
Central Market & Deli
Century Best Pizza
CF Mini Mart
Ch Charles Five & Dime
Chalkstone Dairyland
Chalkstone Supermarket, LLC
Charlie’s Variety
Charuma Tea Bar
Check Cashing & General Store
Chef Ho’s
Chelo’s Hometown Bar& Grill
Cherry Hill Grille
China Garden
China Sea
Chinatown on Thayer
Chinese American Mini Mart
Chocolate Delicacy
Chophouse Grille
Christina’s Place
Chucky’s Creamery
Cindy’s County Cafe
Cisco’s Pizza
City Gas
Cityline Convenience
CJ’s Pub
Classic Cafe
Classic Pizza
Coach’s Pub
Coastal Roasters
Coffee Connection (Cumberland)
Coffee Connection (North Providence)
Coffee Connection (Providence)
Coffee Connection (Woonsocket)
Coffee N’ Bagel Connection
Colonial Bakery
Compare Foods Supermarket
Conimicut Variety
Cool Licks
Copperfeild’s Burger and Beer House
Cosmic Pizza
Costantino’s Venda Bar
Coventry Mart
Crazy Pizza
Crepe Corner
Crespo Market
Crown Chicken & Kabab
Crown Chicken And Grill
Crown Fried Chicken
Crusty’s Pizza
Cuisine Delmar
Cumberland House of Pizza
Curry Walla Indian Cuisine
Custom House Coffee
D’s Spot
D&D Market
Daily Catch Seafood
Daily Nutrition
Daily Stop Market
Dairy King
Dari Bee
Davenport’s Family Restaurant
Davenport’s Restaurant (East Providence)
DB Mart
Dee’s Deli
Del’s Lemonade of Cumberland
Del’s Lemonade of North Providence
DeLuise Bakery
Deluise Bakery
Deluxe Nutrition
DePetrillo’s Pizza of North Providence
DePetrillo’s Pizza of Warwick
Dexter Mini Market
DG Cafe
Diego’s East Side
Diggers Catch
DiVine Bistro
Dockside Seafood
Don’s Pizza
Dudek Bowling Lanes
  1. Prov Nutrition
East Bay Food Mart
East Providence House of Pizza
East Providence Lanes
East Side Mini Mart
EastSide Mart
Eddie’s Diner
Eggs Up Family Restaurant
El Antojo Bakery
El Azteca Mexican Restaurant
El Bombazo Market
El Cafetal Mexican Bar & Grille
El Caribeño Restaurant
El Coqui Market
El Eden Express
El Eden Restaurant
El Encanto Market
El Mariachi
El Mogote Restaurant
El Paisa
El Paisano Panaderia Y Restaurante
El Perro Soltero
El Primo Frutas y Verduras
El Quetzal Bakery
El Quiche Bakery
El Rincon Dominicano
El Salvador Bakery
El Salvador Market
El Taconazo
El Tapatio
El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
El Tesoro Supermarket
El Tipico Restaurant
El Toro Meat Market
Elm Street Pizza
Emely Party Store and Bakery
EP Kitchen
Erika Fruits
Escada Restaurant & Bar
Esperanto Food Market
Espinal Restaurant
European Food Market
Everybody’s Favorite Family Restaurant
Excellent Pizza
Exchange Street Cafe
Explosion Market
Eye on The Prize Nutrition
Members F – J
Familia Food Market INC
Famous Pizza
Famous Pizza Scituate
Fastnet Pub
Filippous Twisted Pizza
Fit 4 Life Nutrition
Five Corners Pizza
Foodland Farms International Halal Market
Fork’n Sammich
Fortune House
Four Corners Food Market
Francesca’s On Pawtucket
Francesco’s Pizzeria
Frank and John On the Water
Frank’s Restaurant
Freedom Seafood
Fresh Pita
FriendShip Market (Phnom Penh Market)
Fruteria Y Cafeteria Frias
Fu Ming Restaurant
Fuel Good Nutrition
Fundati Coffee
Galito Restaurant
Gansett Wraps
Garden Hills Fruit & Deli
Garden Meat Market
Gary’s Handy Lunch
Gel’s Kitchen 1 & 2
Gemma’s Market
Geo’s Restaurant
Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches
George’s Pizza
Georgia’s Family Restaurant
Gilmore’s American Dream Mini Mart Inc
Gingersnaps Bakery
Giuseppe’s Italian Bakery
Godavari South Indian Restaurant
Golden Crust Pizza
GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ
Governor Francis Inn
Granite Farm Restaurant
Granizadas y Antojitos Chapines
Grid Iron Ale House
Grille on 5
Guatelinda Restaurant
Guatemala Bakery
Happy Mart
Harmony Cafe
Harriet’s Kitchen
Hartford Convenience
Hartley’s Meat Pies of RI
Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition
Hidalgo Restaurant
High Street Market, Inc.
Hometown Pizza and Subs
Hon’s House of Noodle Soup
Hope Creamery
Hope Street Pizza
House of Pizza
Ice Cream Machine Co.
Ichigo Ichie
Ignite Your Life Nutrition
India Restaurant
International Meat Grocery
International Meat Market
Island Deli Sandwich Shop
Island House
Island Nutrition
Istanbul Gourmet Market
J & M Convenience Market
J Gray’s Tavern
J Mart
J Palmieri Pizzeria
J+D Pizza
J+T Restaurant
Jade Dragon
Jade House
Jeanette’s Bakery
Jeff’s Pizza
Jefferson Diner
Jerry’s Friendly Tap
Jerusalem Meat Market
Jesiah Mini Market
Jitters Cafe
JJ’s Coliseum
JL’s Dana’s Sports Lounge
Joe’s Meat Market
Joey O’s Restaurant
Judge Roy Bean Saloon
June Loves Bakery
Members K – O
Kaffeology Cafe (Portsmouth)
Kay’s Restaurant
Kebbeh African Restaurant
Kellie’s Cafe
King Wok
Kings Garden
Kingston Pizza
Kip’s Restaurant
Knightsville Pub
Kountry Kitchen
Kow Kow
L & S Mart
L’Artisan Cafe & bakery
La Antigua Bakery
La Braza Bar & Grill
La Broa Pizza
La Casa Del Sabor Restaurant
La Casona Restaurant
La Chapincita Market
La Colmena
La Creperie
La Esquina Market
La Esquinita Market
La Excelencia Restaurant
La Familia Meat Market
La Familia Restaurant
La Familia Tacos
La Fortuna Market
La Frontera
La Fruta Loca
La Fruta Loca
La Gente Latina
La Gran Parada
LA Gran Via Meat Market
La Herradura Taqueria Mexicana
La Lupita
La Mami Restaurant
La Mia Supermarket
La Poblanita Market, LLC
La Ponciana LLC
La Sonrisa Restaurant
La Taberna Night Club
La Xoyita Restaurante Tortilleria and Deli
Ladder 133 Kitchen & Social
Lafayette Social Club
Lamei Hot Pot
Lancellotta’s Banquet Restaurant
Larisa’s Bistro and Bakery
Las Gigante Meat Market
Laura Natural Health Center (Cesana)
Lee’s Restaurant & Lounge
Lenox Convenience
Leo’s Pizza
Leo’s Ristorante
Li’l General (Woonsocket)
Liberty Lunch
Lil General
Lily’s Mini Market
Lincoln Creamery
Little John’s Pizza
Los Angeles Bar & Grill
Los Sobneros Meat Market (Sherlyn Mini Mart)
Los Tres Amigo Taqueria Inc
Lou Umberto’s
Louis Family Restaurant
Lucia’s Mexican Restaurant
Lucky Enough
Luzitania Bakery
M & M Diner
M&E Syrian Cuisine
M&R Convenience
M&T Super Market
Ma’s Donuts and More
Machupicchu Restaurant 1
Machupicchu Restaurant II
Mae’s Place
Mahanadi Indian – Jaya’s Kitchen
Main Street Market
Make It Happen Nutrition
Mamajuana Restaurant
Manville Palace Pizza
Maria Fruta Y Vegetales
Mario’s Bakery
Mario’s Northend Pizzeria
Martino’s Pizzeria
Mason Grocery
Master Homemade Donuts
Matos Bakery
Maya Azteca
MC’s Pizza
McBride’s Pub
McCormack’s Pub
McCoy Market
McT’s Tavern
Mel’s Cafenio
Mesa Cafe
Mi Casa Restaurant
Mi Guatemala Restaurant
Mi Pueblo Market
Michael’s Meats
Mindful Nutrition
Minerva’s Pizza
Ming Garden
Mini Meat Market
Miss Cranston Diner 2
Missy’s Family Restaurant
Mizu Steakhouse
Momo Mini Mart (Neighborhood Mini Mart)
Monforte’s Bar
Mont Carmel Market
Montecristo Bar & Grill
Moon Market
Moon Market (Park Ave)
Mount Fuji Steakhouse
Mousie’s Deli
Muldowney’s Pub
Mulhearn’s Pub
MVP Pizzeria
My Favorite Muffin
Nacho Mamma’s & Catering
Naked Food
Naked Foods
Napolitano’s Brooklyn Pizza
Narragansett Cafe
Natalie’s Pizza
Nayco Family Store
Nettie’s Kettle Corn
New Battambang Market
New England Frozen Lemonade
New Level Nutrition
New Metro Mart (Deli & Sandwiches)
New Peking
New Sky Market Zone
New Stop Meat Market
New Wave Nutrition
New Way Market
New York Mini Market
New York Style Pizza
Newport Creamery (Warwick)
News Cafe
Nice Slice Pizzeria
Nick & Joan’s Place
NicoBella’s Providence
Nitro Cart
NK Chicago Pizza
Noel Meat Market
Nova Churrasqueira
Nueva Era Supermarket
Nueva San Salvador
Nutrition Dynamix
NY Pizza
Oakland Beach Vol Fire Club & Cafe
Ocean State Sandwich Company
Olde Theater Diner
Ollie’s Diner
Ollie’s Pub
Olly’s Pizza
Olympic Pizza & Restaurant
Opa Restaurant
Orale Taqueria
Orale Taqueria 2
Oriental Taste
Osho Sushi & Bar
Members P – T
Pa’l Monte
Paco’s Tacos
Pailin Cuisine
Palagil’s Ice Cream
Pam’s Front St. Grill
Pam’s Pizza
Pan-A-Day Take Away
Panaderia Maya
Panini Grill
PaPa Paulie’s Grill
Papa Sam’s Pizza
Papa’s Ice Cream
Papi’s Tacos
Papi’s Tacos (Oaklawn)
Paquette’s Family Restaurant
Parente’s Restaurant
Park Place Bar & Grille
Patriots Diner
Pauly Penta’s Gourmet Italian Deli
Pawtucket House of Pizza
Pawtucket Lions Pizza
Pawtucket Patriot Bar & Grill
Pelly’s Place
Peluchel Fruta
Petencito Restaurant
Petez Pop
Picasso’s Pizza & Pub
Pickles – A Deli
Piemonte Pizza
PieZoni’s (East Providence)
Piezoni’s (Smithfield)
PieZoni’s (Warren)
PieZoni’s (Warwick)
Pio Pio Pio Restaurant
Pioneer Pizza
Pito I Restaurant
Pito II Restaurant
Pizza Fair
Pizza Hollywood
Pizza Plus
Pizza Queen
Pizza Vida
Pizza Works
Pizzeria Gusto
Plainfield Meat Market
Pocasset Meat Market
Pollo Campero Co.
Polonia Market
Pontiac Tap
Ponto Um Market
Popcorn’s Dream Candy Shoppe
Poppy’s Family Restaurant
Port Pizza
Portside Tavern
Portuguese American Market (Azoreana Meat Market)
Prestige Cuisine
Provencal Bakery and Cafe
Providence Burger Bar
Providence Nutrition
Pure Lounge
Purple Cow Ice Cream
PVD Nutrition
PVD Pizza (Cranston)
PVD Pizza (Providence)
PVD Pizza (Warwick)
Quick Mart
Quinn’s Irish Pub
Ramon’s Pizza
Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery
Reale’s Grocery
Red Bridge Tavern
Revere Fusion
Rhea’s Restaurant and Inn
Rhode Island Yummy
Rhody Roots
RI Guy’s Donuts
RI Homemade Donuts
Ribatejo Fish Market
Riccotti’s Sandwiches
Rico Pollo Restaurante
Rigatoni’s Family Restaurant
Rita’s Pizza
Ritacco’s Market
Riverside Creamery
Roast House
Rocco’s Little Italy
Rocky Point Clam Shack
Rod’s Grille
Rodriguez Meat Market
Rogue Island
Roma Ristorante
Rome Point Cafe
Ron’s Pastry Gourmet
Ronzio Pizza
Ronzio’s Pizza & Subs
Roque’s Cafeteria
Rosa’s Kitchen
Rosario Meat Market
Route 126 Fish Market
Royal Buffet
Royal Lunch Restaurant
Rufino’s Pizzeria
Rumford Food Mart
Saje Kitchen
Sakonnet River Grille
Sal’s Bakery
Salsa Burrito
Sam’s NY System
Sanchez Market
Sandy Lane Meat Market
Santana Market
Santo Domingo Market
Santoro’s Pizza
Sassy Mama Cuisine
Sax’s Steak and Pizza
Sazon Bandit
Scarlet’s Restaurant
Scotty’s Big Dawg’s Pub
Shaking It Up Nutrition
Shannon View Inn
Shannon’s Place
Shish Kabob
Shop & Go
Shop N Go
Siam Square Fine Thai Cuisine
Sicilia’s Pizza
Silva Market
Silver Lake Pizza
Silver Star Bakery
Simply Thai
Sip N Dip (Market St)
Sip N’ Dip
Slice of Heaven
Slim Pickings RI
Smith Hill Market (N&T Market)
Smoke & Squeal
Soban Korean Eatery
Sommer’s Corner
Sonny’s Convenience
Sonoma Bistro & Wine Bar
Sophia’s Market
Sophie’s Sweets
Spanish Wholesale Center
Speedy Mart
Splash Snack Bar
Sports Legend Bar
Spring Primavera Restaurant
Spumoni’s Restaurant
Stadium Fish and Chips
Step Up Nutrition
Stevie D’s Bar & Grill
Stop & Go Deli & Grocery
Stop Market
Sugar Mama’s Sweets and Treats
Sumo Sushi
Sun & Moon Korean Restaurant
Sunnyside Restaurant
Sunshine Market
Swagat Indian Food and Grocery
Sweet Deliveries
Taco Guerrero
Taconeando Mexican Style Restaurant
Tammany Hall Pub & Parlor
Taqueria Al Son de Mi Barrio
Taqueria La Casa Del Sabor
Taste Of Africa Market
Taunton Ave Bakery
Ted’s Stadium Pub
Tenares Super Market
Thai Orchid Restaurant
Thai Star (Cranston)
Thai Star (Providence)
The 78 Pub @ This Guys Pizza
The Beehive Cafe
The Big Cheese & Pub
The Brazen Hen
The Burrito Bowl
The Burrito Bowl Refuel
The Coffee Cubby
The Common’s Lunch
The Cozy Grill
The Duke Kitchen & Spirits
The Griddle
The Hungry Monkey
The New Spot Nutrition
The Pub at 2 Mile Corner
The Square Peg
The Sweet Spot Nutrition
The Tree House Tavern
The Village PVD
The Wharf
Thirsty Beaver Pub
Three Sisters
Thrive Coffee House
Thrive Wellness Collaborative
Tienda y Taqueria Puebla
Tiggers Restaurant
Tikal Bakery
Tikal Meat Market
Tito’s Cantina
TLC Coffee Roaster
Tofy Mart
Tom’s Food Mart
Tom’s Kitchen
Tom’s Market
Tomaselli’s Restaurant & Catering
Tomato City Pizza
Tommy’s Place
Tong Phoon Restaurant
Tony’s Pizza
Tori Tomo
Tortilleria Monte Sion
Tortilleria Monte Sion 2
Total Market
Toti’s Pizza & Grill
Touch Lounge
Town Pizza
Town Pub
Townies Feel Good Food
Toyin African Restaurant
Trafford’s Restaurant
Trattoria Zooma
Tremblay’s Bar & Grill
Tropical Produce Market
Twin Shellfish
Twin’s Pizza
Members U – Z
Twin’s Pizza
U Save Gas
U Scream Ice Cream
Udder Delights Ice Cream
Under the Willow Bakery
Union Supermarket
V & J Deli Grocery
Valley Park Pub
Vanderly Coffee Restaurant
Venda Ravioli
Vic’s Tap
Vidasana Health Foods  (Natural Eden Es Vidsana)
Village Gas
Village Pizza
Village Restaurant
Vitto’s Pizza
Vivi Bubble Tea
Walt’s Roast Beef (Cranston)
Wara Wara Restaurant
Webster Meat Market
West Main Pizza
West Shore Coffee Bar
What Cheer Tavern
Willet Farms
Wings Heaven & Pizza (Warwick)
Wings Heaven and Pizza Providence
Wings Over Providence
Wise Guys Deli (Cumberland)
Wise Guys Deli (East Providence)
Wise Guys Deli (Providence)
Wok & Pot
Wok & Roll
Wong’s Kitchen
Woonsocket Palace Pizza
Xelapan Bakery
Y Noodle & Bar
Yagi (Radish Patch Restaurant Group)
Yan’s Cuisine of Providence
Yia Yia’s Cafe
Yorktown Market
Yovanis Pizzeria
Yum Juice Bar
Yumi Garden Buffet
Yummy Cafe
Zeropoint Gas Station
Zoe’s Pizza and Seafood
Zorba’s Pizza and Pub